bit of stuff i need to know

i cant remember how to group things. and could somone tell me how to mirrorize half a object into a full one?

advice would be much appreciated.:slight_smile:

Very easy.

Have a look around in the interface. NOOB!
HAHA. HAHA. :smiley:

HAHA!!! How good are you on blender? Whats your best project? haha

twasnt me was me little brother! hes learnin how to use blender!

No it wasnt.

Eli dosent use Blender

haha. Just jokin. So hows ur Kitchen Going?

Last time i saw it it looked awesome. It was the best one i have seen, in all galleries.

lol! thanx. im still workin on it tho. gots a bit of work to go. cya

Submit what you have right now. Show everyone how good you are. Show that ur the best!

nup cause im not best! and havnt got many finished works

na ur not tha best. ur alrite though.

Oh dear.

Look both of you, learn how to use the forums properly. This thread will get deleted or locked if your just randomly chatting to each other.

Matt and Tonny, just do the tutorials on the blender noob to pro wiki.