Bit of Texturing Help

Hello All!

I’m sure we all have our weaknesses and strengths, and I am awful at 2D art.
All I need is some nice hand, face and hair texturing done for my model.
I’m sure there is someone out there willing to give me a hand. (pun)

Unwraps, AO and normals have all been done, I simply need someone with a bit of artsy talent to top it off.
(Be sure to add the AO map on top with multiply mode.)

Hair color is up to you, either brown or black.

I have attached all related images which should be enough, if you can’t manage without the .blend please PM me.

I hope you can have a bit of fun whilst doing this xD
Credit is given, of-course!!!

you did a some Misstakes, which you should fix first. otherwise the Color (Diffuse) Texture wont help you alot.

-You baked it from both hands while the UV is mirrored.
Result: The triangles on the transitions (normal looks good, only appears on the AO). Just delete one hand and bake it.
-You have not checked the option “Normalized” in the bake settings for the AO.
Result: The AO multuply the Diffuse color, so your AO Texture is grey instead of white.
-The Samples are on the default value of 5.
Result: the whole Texture is very noise. Just increase it to 18-20. (Wolrd Settings-> Gather-> Samples)
-The UV Layout is off Screen.
Result: Your Texture will repeat on the backside of the head, so you wont be able to make a seamless transition of the texture there.
-Rainbow Colors on the Normal map are some kind of Error Code.
Result: You will have strange shadows and specular on the areas of the nose, mouth, lips, eyes and also a small area on the cheeks.
Adjust the mesh, which you baked the highpoly to, on these specific areas and bake again, until you have no more rainbows. Or atleast less rainbows.

Overall the UV layout is alright. doing the skin parts seperate is a good choice if you want to make some other models, so you only have to switch the skin textures.

Gah, thank you for the help. This was the kind of advice I’m after.
With the hands I split it for normal maps but simply forgot for the AO.

I’ll have these all fixed and re-posted.