Bithday Card for my girlfriend

I made this today, n i think, it just looks beautyful. She haven’t seen it yet, but i’m sure she will like it:) n i hope u like it too. The words are hungarian, before u start wondering, that u forgot reading:)

Oh and the picture with that semi-ragdoll girl will be done soon.

Very nice, she will love that.

i…i promissed io wont cry! i…i wont! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: oh this is so beutiful!(and i dont mean only the picture!)…

I love the inter-weaving flowers :smiley:

It is very nice. Can you translate what it says for me?

For my only Adél, to birthday
but its quite different to write it in hungarian, as u can see, its look much better in hungarian:)


So pretty.

Only thing wrong that caught my attention is that the, ‘en’ on the top line isn’t supported by anything. Its just suspended in mid air. :wink:
Oh and also the flowers look too half-symetrical. Randomize them a tad and its perfect. :smiley:

Yeah, the “en” is floating (in all actuallity, most of the letters are floating, but it looks better that way). Yet again, the flowers should be more random. Take the base you have right now and make at least 2-3 more random versions of it and use duplicates of those. Be sure not to put two of the same one near each other.