Bitmap based shader doesnt look as good for what im going for.

I working on a basic ArchViz interior scene and I just began working with lights and shaders. For some reason my image based shaders are coming out low resolution and a bit blochy, I dont know exactly why. Im using a 3000px Image from CGTextures and running it through Bitmap2Matrial for my Normal and other maps.
I want to have the ability to use close-ups of the floor, Is there something wrong with Biitmap2Material should I just stay inside blender and photoshop, is It my Image is 3000px not enough to get a decent render or do I just Suck?



There is something really quick you can try … change the ‘texture interpolation’ on the image texture nodes from “linear” the default, to “closest”

Best of luck


There are a couple problems with the nodes, which can manifest themselves in crazy ways in terms of what you see.

  1. You plugging a normal output into the material displacement, that will cause super weirdness.
  2. You are using Color data for what appears to be a normal map

The nodes, as you have them, would be wired up correctly this way:

This is a little diagram I made showing how these commong errors can affect things: