Bitmap Fonts not working in UPBGE?


I’ve been rewriting my game in UPBGE and one issue I found, is that the bitmap fonts seem not to be working anymore.
I can’t even find the “Text” checkbox in the materials anymore…
Basically, what I wanna do, is transfer a property from the Player scene (speed, height, etc.) to the HUD scene and display it there. Before I did this with S2A Module and a Bitmap Font in the HUD scene.
How can I do this now while having also some flexibility with the fonts?
Thanks in advance for all help!



indeed does not work in upbge, they removed it.

use python or message sensor to transfer data to other scenes

Ok, but how can I display it during the game now that the font bitmap isnt working anymore?

use a Text object, create a ‘Text’ property on it, anything you fill in there will be displayed.
You can use any font you like with the text object. or create your own .ttf fonts and use that.

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Ahh, that is how it works now, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Np, this works in normal bge as well.

If you have resolution problems (jagged text/etc.) then use python

textobject.resolution = 4 #higher is better text but more resource demanding

#edit or if you have a lot of text objects you can loop trough them instead (if you want to know how just ask)

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i think its better to use an ortho camera for hud and set the scale to 32 or higher if text still is a bit pixeled.

low res text is due to the text font scale being less than 1.