Bitmap mapping question

How can I best add a different bitmap image (or even a color/material) to each seperate face of an icosphere? I suppose I could create seams and unwrap it, then paint it, but is there an easier way? Also, how can I control the number of faces on an icosphere?

much thanks

Try this tutorial…

Very easy, in 4 minutes you’ll be set!

VERY helpful…

now, I’ll push my luck and ask how I can convert my cube of family and pet pictures to an interactive, stand-alone app that I can email it to my relatives so they can rotate the cube around and see the pics??!! I’m sure this has been done somewhere before!

No problem! Try this (probably best if your family have broadband!)

However, there are other ways too, using the game engine etc!

cool site…thanx

Any tutorials you know of for accomplishing this using a game engine so that the user has control over the rotation, zoom factor, etc.?

Well there was one here called Product Presentation, but the link’s broken.

Try searching the elysiun forums.