Bitmap text decoding

I’m going to throw this one out here, as I know there are at least a few people who know something on this topic. I have been searching for any kind of info on how blender decodes the data stored at the top of a bitmap font to determine size, position, etc. I want to know, because I think that if I can make a script that can read that data, it could convert it into per-character width data, which could be used for on the fly left/right/center justification.

left/center/right is possible with some tricks. There are some threads to this topic. But I do not have them ready. You need to search for them.

Regarding the config pixels you might look for the ft-blender. I’m not sure if the sources are availabel.
AN other option is to look at the Blender sources. But I can’t tell you where to look.

I hope it helps … somehow