Bitmap text: letters appear one on top of the other

I am trying to display bitmap text on a plane. For some reason the text is appearing one letter on top of the other. Does anyone know why this would be? Thanks.

Have you UV unwrapped your plane ? Does the size of the picture more or less fits the UV unwrap ?

I’m sorry, but I don’t quite know what you mean. Could you please post a screenshot or a link to a .blend? (A .blend would be better.)

Without looking at it, I would ask these questions: Is the text image mapped properly? Only the @ symbol in the top left corner should be mapped onto the plane. Did you scale the plane in edit mode? This will change the letter spacing, which may be causing your overlap.

Edit: I also realized you could mean that the text is displaying vertically. To change this, go into UV face select mode on the plane, then rotate the UV mapping three times.