Bits of Blender 35-37

Richard and I did three new Bits of Blender tonight. It’s the first we’ve done since August (it was a busy Fall), it’s good to be back :slight_smile:
Bits of Blender #35 - Appending and Linking
Ever wonder how to get a model (or other data) from one .blend file to another?

Bits of Blender #36 - Rendering an Image in the Background
If you want an image to replace the background color, how would you do it?

Bits of Blender #37 - Text in Blender
Need 3d text?


Looks cool.

What a great resource. Thank you, nyquist!


You’re the man! :cool:

Thanks guys! We appreciate the kind remarks. I added links above so you don’t have to search.


I love these bits of blender! Any chance you’d offer a bit higher res videos other than YouTube? Other than that keep them coming!!