Bits of Blender #55-57

We’ve got 3 episodes of Bits of Blendersince I last posted:

Bits of Blender #55 - Always Sensor
Bits of Blender #56 - Ripping
Bits of Blender #57 - Redirecting Edgeflow

#56 Is our first using HD proportions and a new logo for Nyquist Art + Logic :slight_smile:

You can find the episodes at any of these places:



For those of you not familiar with Bits, it is a set of casual tutorials done by my 11-year old and me. We do them both for fun and to serve as a video reference of many Blender features.

I watched so many of them and never left a word here so, thanks to you (and your son) for your effort…I discovered there many tricks I would probably never find miself, and the videos are spot on, short and informative.

Thanks nf3!

What do you use to record, and edit?

Camtasia Studio