Bits of terrain!

Hello, everyone!

I’m Matt, and I’d like to show a little bit of some terrain that I’m working on in Blender. I don’t really have much skill with it, but I’m having one heck of a fun time.

But, for some renders of my models!

The first photo is comparing a landscape that I made with the sculpting tool (the very smooth one, if you didn’t notice :wink: ) and the rough-looking landscape is something I did manually. I have yet to do anything with overhangs, all it is now is just the points in a mesh raised or lowered depending on what I plan to texture there.

I personally want this to be a medium-poly landscape, so each 50x50 mesh at half-size is to be only a small part of the scene. I have yet to work on scaling the terrain so what I think will be huge mountains just turn out to be awkward little bumps in the ground. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I prefer my manually-sculpted terrain; it reminds me of the terrain in SimCity 4 (which is one of my favorite games), so I would obviously be biased on that point. However, I just did the terrain with the sculpt tool in ~1 minute, so I don’t feel there’s enough work going into the smoother terrain. I might just do the manual terrain creation and then use the sculpt tool to smooth everything out.

Who knows? But I’ll post frequent updates in this thread of my progress with the landscape, and I might even make a little animation with it!

These aren’t bad terrains, especially for making terrains manually.
But have you considered using ANT Landscape addon? It’s a new Blender addon that generates complex landscapes for you. I used it heavily in my most recent vid which you can watch in the “Animations” subforum, under title “Skydiving with sports drink” (for which I have just been informed that I’ll recieve an entire case of Kill Cliff…mmm. tasty.)

All you have to do is go into User Prefs, addons, mesh, and click the ANT Landscape addon script.
Hit “add,” then select “ANT Landscape.”
If you’ll hit “T” for toolbar, then scroll down the toolbar till you come to Landscape Options, you can design many factors about the type of landscape that you’re creating. It can do some very nice stuff, and quickly.
However, BE CAREFUL. Once you generate the landscape and deselect it or move it or resize, you can no longer change any of the parameters of the design of that landscape.
Have fun.

Thanks for the suggestion! (And the feedback!) The script is really cool! I’ll mess around with it a bit to see what I can get it to do.

Okay, so I’ve done a bit more work on my original terrain. First of all, I’ve discovered the “Subdivision” tool that can be used to smooth the terrain, and increase the polygon/vertex count up to something a little easier on the eye:

This is the original, manually-edited terrain:

I hope to get quite a bit more done during the long weekend.

Hey, everyone! I’ve done a LOT during the long weekend! First of all, I finished the first mesh, which is the biggest part. Then, I just created another 50x50 mesh and merged the points on the edges with each other.

Looks nice!