BitTorrent tracker available for video tutorials.

I set up a BitTorrent tracker on my web page for the Blender community that will allow people to upload .torrent files. This torrent tracker will mainly be used for the video tutorial project on the Blender site, but it could be used by the rest of the community as well.

For the video tutorial project I’m going to need people to be seeds for the files. Basically that means to have BitTorrent on all the time and keep those files available for others to pull of your machines.

As long as this takes care of swarms of downloaders for the first 2 weeks of a new release and offer a fast way for people to get the files without hitting the community servers then this will be sucessful. The only thing is that people need to remain as seeds for the files when they are finished downloading them. This is a general courtesy for BitTorrent users. This of course doesn’t mean that we stop hosting files on web servers, just that this will take the load off of file rushes.

The more seeds we start out with the better. BitTorrent goes slow at first since there is just one seed, but after enough people have downloaded it starts to go pretty fast. To help this out I’m going to ask if any community members here will be willing to be seeds for a torrent right off the bat. The way this will work is that when the torrent is released I’ll send an email to those select few with a link to a secure part of my web site that has the file that they can pull quickly off of my web site. If you put the file in the same directory as your default torrent directory, then download the torrent, your BitTorrent client will recognize that you already have it and you will become an instant seed.

So if you are insterested in that let me know. The more seeds that we have starting out with the better. Since people will be pulling off of my web site directly I’ll let no more than 50 people do that.

I’m also going to contact those people that have released video tutorials for permission to include their video tutorials on the Video Tutorial portion of the site. Once I have a proven system for distribution the site should be up very shortly. As far as the section on I just have to redo a few things of how people navigate through the tutorials and we’ll be in business. Hopefully that will be done this week and then I’ll get it approved.

If this BitTorrent tracker works well that will be a huge step in getting this underway.

Okay, that’s it for the announcement. Now here’s the URL for the torrent tracker. This is going to be a trial run so download, sign up, upload your own video tutorials (or other Blender related videos, but mostly should be video tutorials :D) and let me know how it goes.

Have at it.

Rember that when you upload a torrent you have to download it immediatly to the directory that the file (like the .AVI file) is located so that you’ll be a seed and it will show up on the main page. If it still doesn’t show up you can edit your torrent (Your Account > View or Edit your Torrents and check “Visible on main page”).

If you don’t have a BitTorrent client, get Azureus. It can do everything, even make .torrent files.

I wonder if it’s possible to use these tutorials with an interesting program I’ve heard of recently called Torrentocracy:
I don’t know exactly how it works, but from the description on the site it makes it possible to search for, get, and view bittorrent audio and video files on a TV using the remote control to navigate, using RSS feeds to organize the content and make new content visible. Blender video tutorials, especially ones that are already in torrent format, seem like the perfect content for this application (I was actually thinking of that before I saw this post). The creator of the software is looking for and keeping track of appropriate content; the torrentocracy site has a blog listing new content.

Well, we had one person sucessfuly download, so I guess that means that it does work, and that my previous test wasn’t a fluke.

I also noticed that sometimes with Azureus you’ll have to “Force Seed” to get it to work right away. I’ve had to do that with the torrents I uploaded to get it to work.

Again, if you release a new video tutorial, go ahead and use that torrent tracker. That’s what it’s there for. It’s not ment to be an official Blender community torrent tracker (if someone want’s to set something like that up they can), but the community is certainly welcome to use what I set up.

NOTICE: The SQL server will change sometime during the 9th, so the tracker will be down for a portion of that day. I’ll also be at a LAN Party from Nov 5, 23:00 GMT to Nov 6 07:00 GMT, so my seeding will be down :).

Okay, the seeds are going down. It appears to work, so that’s what I needed to know.