BitWrk distributed rendering support thread

Hi everybody,

I am the developer of BitWrk, a novel approach to distributed rendering that can give a boost to your render times. BitWrk 0.3.0 “Mercury” was recently announced in the news section.

In this thread I would like the users of BitWrk to ask questions and get support. I would also like to encourage participation and feedback.

Blender rendering a scene using BitWrk:

So, if you already tried BitWrk or would like to try it, this is the place to do so! :cool:

Install instructions look a bit intimidating at first glance for the selling rendering part but doable. But I think your instruction page would only benefit from a video tutorial installation with spoken commentary. Keep in mind that many who would use this software are nowhere near your level of expertise. And those are the ones who would most benefit from this project.

Hi Joseph, thanks for the feedback! I think you’re absolutely right about that. There should be a simple and secure way to run a seller node, and there should be a tutorial video for it.