Bizarre extrusion appeared in object mode!

EDIT: Never mind. I decided to quit without saving and start again.

Hello everyone!

I’ve come accross a bizarre problem whilst modelling. I’d just merged two pieces of a model together in edit mode, and clicked ‘recalculate normals’ to correct the shading, then when I switched to object mode an enormous extrusion had appeared, which stretches almost indefinately. I thought it might be a simple weight painting problem, but the appendage isn’t visable in weight paint mode or edit mode :confused: I’ll attatch a screenshot to further illustrate the problem.

Thanks in advance for any replies!


Have you removed doubles vertices after the merging? In Edit Mode, select all the vertices (hit A), then hit W and select “Remove Doubles”. Then recalculate the normals and return to Object Mode.

this usually happens when you (accidentally) hide some vertices in edit mode…
when you switch to object mode, the hidden vertices (faces) reappear; so check for that