Bizarre Idea For Contest

(CubeFan973) #1

I’m thinking of making a community film. Lots of people submit little shorts, others vote for them, and they’ll be assembled into one feature film. What would it be about? Nothing! (Note: I also have this idea called “Blender: The Musical,” but I’m going to try this first.)

What does this have to do with a contest? Simple: People make a short film, submit it, and we vote! The highest will be near the end, and the others will be scattered randomly!


  1. If we release this theatrically, we’d be aiming for PG-13 in the US. Nudity and sex should be limited to brief mentions. If you have a gratuitous sex scene, then hopefully we’ll have editing software. On blood and language: Don’t make it gratuitous. Don’t go towards “Pulp Fiction.”
  2. Your short must be between 2 minutes and 8 minutes.
  3. As long as the subject matter is appropriate for PG-13, the short can be about anything.
  4. Keep the models, no matter how weird or bad they look. We’ll need them if this is going to be one huge film. (Hey, there’d have to be a little sense in it!) Why? Linking shorts together. It helps if you don’t have to rebuild the models.
  5. Pre-made models can be used. Models you found on the Internet can be used as long as the artist doesn’t mind.
  6. Use Blender as much as possible. Textures can be made out of Blender, but that’s the closest you can come to leaving Blender.
  7. Teamwork is allowed. Just so long as 17,576 people aren’t working on one short.
  8. Center your short on story, not visuals. Your short shouldn’t be a portfolio, it should be a short. There doesn’t need to be a real plot, but try to be close to one.
  9. The looks of the film don’t matter. They can be non-realistic, semi-realistic, or photo-realistic. Preferably, go for semi-real.
  10. You can make up to 3 shorts. Don’t make them the same thing, though.
  11. Not sure how long it would take. Probably 8 months.
  12. The genres can range from fantasy to comedy to Western. I don’t care, really. Just do what you like (just not Adult).
  13. Have fun.

Of course, I don’t have a good website, so I’d probably not be the one to host it. Hmm…

If the moderators want to do this, that’d be fine.

(valarking) #2

Community animations generally don’t go… too well.

(CubeFan973) #3

You’re referring to “CTE,” huh?

This is different. It’s like “Head,” or “And Now For Something Completely Different,” or an early Monty Python episode where things lead from one scene to another, but that’s basically the whole plot. No plot. No main genre. Just a lot of weird stuff.

(WeirdHat) #4

I think this is more likely to fail than CTE. Why? Because it depends not only on one project, but on many. Suppose you don’t get enough entries… what then?

(CubeFan973) #5


I make more?

I steal some?

I don’t know, I’d probably just make ideas up and start animating.

CTE failed due to problems with organization. With a contest, people seem to be more dedicated.

PS: How’s the project with James you mentioned in the CTE thread?