Bizarre mouse scroll wheel problem.

I’m just getting into Blender and have been using it on my laptop for a few days now with the USB notebook mouse I normally use. No problems. I decide to install Blender on my desktop at home which has a Microsoft Wireless Laser 5000 mouse with the Intellipoint drivers for it. No matter which direction I scroll, it always zooms out. The only way to get it to zoom in with the mouse is to spin wheel super fast inwards, and even then it’s a fight against zooming out. The mouse works great is every other application I use it in, in Blender is the first time I’ve ever had a problem.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Only thing i can think of would be to pull down the controls window (Just below file etc) and check the settings in the View & Controls. If theres nothing wrong there then im stumped.

I experienced the same problem on one of the school macs, with the standard mac mouse. For me, it turned out to be a physical problem, though If it seems to work in other applications, I’m not sure what it could be.

I have this problem, as well with a Laser Mouse 6000. It seems to be a problem of the intellipoint drivers in combination with certain mice (Laser Mouse models…) and applications (Blender and Google Earth, for example)

Apparently both parties don’t seem to be interested in a fix, as both claim it’s the other ones fault… :wink:

For myself, I’ve used AutoHotkey ( to create a little script that remaps the Wheel-actions. It’s not a perfect solution but it works. I can put up a link or instructions if anyone is interested (as soon as I’m back at my own computer, that is ;)).

Little Update: I just checked Microsoft’s site and they have new Intellipoint drivers available. Unless you are already using that version (6.2) we can still hope that it fixes the problem… :slight_smile:

I have the same problem with the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 7000. I had not this scrolling problem with my old microsoft optical mouse. Do not buy this mouse !

I’m having the same problem! how hard can it be to build reliable up/down scrolling into a mouse?! Theres also a delay when navigating with middle button… anyway Cubbie would you mind posting your AutoHotKey script?


Hi, sorry I’m posting this so late. I didn’t have access to my PC for the last few days and the script was sitting on my desktop there… :wink:

Anyway, you can download it here:

and you’ll also need AutoHotkey installed for it to work:

Hope it helps you…

I’m afraid that the neither latest Intellipoint drivers nor Vista SP1 fix this problem, although Cubbie’s Autohotkey fix worked brilliantly - Many thanks!

I can also confirm an irritating 1/2 second delay when middle-clicking on the scroll wheel, however the mouse also has a tiny fourth button under the thumb (if you are right handed) which can be re-mapped to many other things in the control panel. If you re-map it to “middle-click” there is no delay when pressing it.

Still not as useful as making the mouse drivers work properly in the first place…

Keep Blending!


well some wireless mouses can cause problems with certain programs. Its best to get another mouse or use the + and - keys to zoom

Thanks a lot Cubbie for this trick.

I have tested AutoHotKey with the script you gave and it works really fine for Blender.

I’m using Vista SP1, Wireless Notebook Optical mouse 7000 (again do NOT buy it :mad:), and AutoHotKey and it finally works :yes:

Happy happy Jibus ! :smiley: