Bizzarini 5300 GT

The last renders :

great render!

is it Blender or Yafray?

It’s a Yafray render, using HDRI image.


as good as any other Raytracer !!

Would be nice to know how to use HDRI stuff

This is sooo coooollll man!

It really is excellent. The first thing that tips me off it isn’t real is the tires, they seem to grey and don’t appear to have any pattern.

Groovah, maan! :smiley:
It looks like a model car, not a live size one, but that actually makes it look even more realistic.
Spankingly good lookin’, I zez 8)

Excellent final render!

I have to agree there. The tires could use some extra work, and the interior seems to be lacking the detail of the exterior, but that is all.


Awsome! And one of my favorite cars too.
I saw one of these once here at the “Concours d’Elegance” car show. It won “Best Closed Car”.

Very nicely done! :slight_smile:

Looks definitely cool. Can I drive it?
I hope it doesn’t rain though because with those slicks tires…

greaaaat work


Cool model!!

really good!

I agree about the interior, but the rest is so cool …

Well, maybe a better environment, but that’s not the car :slight_smile:

Excellent work! I say post it on CGTAlk and say it was done in Lightwave just for fun… :smiley: Yes, Blender is coming of age!

ok, i post in CG Talk with some new renders.

Here is the thread :

Come and post reply :wink: