Bizzarini with Blender raytracing

Don’t pay attention to the tire (the shader is not good). :-?
Stop looking to the legs. :wink:
Just look to the headlights :o

Nice… what more could a man want… woman and cars(um… and food)
Nice legs and headlights

Have u modeled the whole car?

You can see it in my gallery :


If you fix the upperleg texture that leg is super realistic…and hot too! :smiley:


Yeah, the highlights are really impressive :wink:

looks great!
only thing that could make it better is a higher-res street texture, and a shadow on the place shown on this pic. Since there should be a body above the legs, I guess there should be a shadow falling on that part of the car too :wink:

good job

  • Bentagon

BENTAGON!!! :expressionless:

Where have you been looking!


the headlights are very good. Perhaps should we guess a little more the lamps behind? Not sure because of the angle, though… j’aime beaucoup tes récents travaux :slight_smile: et pas seulement à cause des jambes sexy %|

BENTAGON!!! :expressionless:

Where have you been looking!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I can’t see her headlights :wink: The car’s, on the other hand, are excellent!

LOL yeah those headlights rule.

:smiley: great headlights!