BJ- My Dutch Blue Lovebird project

Tell me what you think! =)
This is intended to be a cartoonish Pixar-like version of my pet bird. I’m done modelling, but don’t know how I could improve the textures (especially on the wings)



Is it meant to be a stuffed animal? It looks very cloth-y.

Hey thank you! It’s actually not intended to be a stuffed animal, but I can’t quite figure out how to make it less “fluffy” looking without losing the integrity of the hair particles. Any tips to make it more lifelike?

Shaders? Textures? PM me and I’ll tell you how to make the particles taper down.

Hehe, guys, if you dont mind, explain everything here?
I’m a noob myself concerning fur particles, so it would be awesome to see what needs to be done:]

Ah sorry. I just didn’t want to make a huge fuss over it. Use strands options in render pipeline and a alpha blend texture. The details are in the wiki and Essential Blender book. I recommend the book. Not only is it great for both beginners and experts alike, but you support the Blender Foundation. I’ve done the strand tut millions of times. Us ethe strand shader part. I dont like giving people tutorials in the threads, because 1) I’m not a fan of long posts, and 2) a full detailed explanation was off-topic here.

Hmh, I do know how to make fur, adjust width and end and stuff, but I just have trouble having them follow for instance along arms and legs, they just puff up. Anycase, going off topic here.