Bkebder for Android ?

Is there a version of Blender for an Android tablet?

There is no Blender for anything else besides OS X Windows and PC Linux.

Don’t expect updates or a smooth user experience.

I don’t see how Blender could operate well without a 3-button mouse, so I doubt an Android version would be of any use.

I could see this being useful for doing autonomous stuff using the internal python interpreter. One example would be to control a robot by using a rig and blender’s IK constraints. The position data from the 3d rig could be sent to motor controllers which are connected to the mobile device…

Although I feel an embedded computing device like an atom processor mini-atx board would be more suitable, I could see instances where a mobile phone would be more desirable. In UAV design where a mobile phone would offer embedded sensors, GPS and camera along with its own power source all controlled by a blender application might be an interesting project.

There is indeed a Android version rewritten in Java? Wow!

I thought it might be useful to perhaps do some basic modeling while at an airport or on a flight, etc. I wouldn’t expect to do anything too elaborate, but I could create some things and then export the .obj when I’m back at a “real” computer.