BKey => BorderSelect Whiteout

Hi …we are having an issue in our Cad Lab with Blender. The computers with this problem are DellP4/windows2000/LCDmonitors. When using the BKey for border select…we get a "whiteout of cross-grid white lines that ‘bury’ the model. Any solutions out there…I searched in this section but didn’t find one. Thnks

You mean, like when you move the mouse with the tool enabled, it doesn’t refresh, and you end up with a bunch of lines until you switch off that tool?

I think that happened with on my XP here, but it didn’t do it when I got it on my Vista. Do you have the most recent version of Blender? If so, you may have to get more RAM, or even newer computers. Win 2000 really is considered outdated by most.

Unless you mean something different, then I’ll just look like an idiot again. <_<

thnks for the reply Yippee. no idiots here im sure. Unfortunately …money is always an issue with upgrading the labs in high schools these days. I’m pretty sure the Dells use 2000 but we have 2 Operating sys. xp as well. your right…when the Border tool is activated => left click and drag to select…get you a mass of white. could this be too little RAM?

If the image didn’t redraw properly, it would appear as a mass of white, possibly with some sort of lines scanning through it, which would be the computers attempt to draw it when the task is really too big.

Causes for this would be: (Somebody please correct me if i’m wrong here)
Too little memory. That is, not enough RAM.
Increasing Virtual Memory may help this if you have the Hard Drive space to spare.
But it may slow the system down too far as well.

Too little power, (CPU not powerful enough)
If the processor can’t process it, then it can’t draw it.

GPU not powerful enough.
3D graphics is very intense work for a computer.
Having a decent to good graphics card is almost necessary for this work.
(I believe this may be your most likely problem)

Outdated OS.
Not sure about this one, but if the program is accessing core functions that don’t exist, there will be problems.

That’s all of my understanding
Hope it helps

Don’t forget graphics drivers; if they are school computers, chances are the drivers haven’t been updated in a while.

In my experience, Blender works just dandy on Windows 2000. Don’t worry about that at all.

This sort of redraw issue is usually caused by a poor OpenGL implementation, and Intel integrated graphics are the most likely culprit. Most times, you can remedy the problem by updating to the newest available graphics drivers.

The first step is to determine what graphics chipset your system uses. This can be done in two different ways:

  1. Go to the Control Panel–>System–>Hardware–>Device Manager and open the Display Adapter section.
  2. Go to the Start Menu, and Run. Type in dxdiag and hit enter. When the application opens up, go to the Display tab along the top.

Note the Manufacturer name and Chip Type. The manufacturer will almost definitely be Intel, Nvidia or ATI/AMD… and odds are 10:1 that it will be Intel.

Then it’s just a matter of downloading and installing the appropriate software from the manufacturer. Head to the one of the following websites:


Grab the drivers, and away you go.

Best of luck!

Hi again…this forum is great for getting good feedback from a variety of users - all with current info and possible solutions.
thnks alot and it’s appreciated…I’ll lead our comp tech guy to these posts which will narrow our search for a solution big time :wink: