I have a logo i made in photoshop that i want to trace on blender to make a 3d version.

Some tutorials i read are out of date by the looks as the techniques described don’t actually work…

Basicly i want to know how to insert an image into blender… as if it was on a plane and how one would actually trace it. Thanks

I’ve tryed the search option so dont be a lamer and say that, cheers :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

View>>Background Image

i dont see that option in view…


When you select the View menu option in the 3D Window, there should be two options right near the bottom.

Background Image…
View Properties…

If you select Background Image you will be able to add an image file to the background of the 3D window you are in.

You can add a different image to each 3D window you have set up.

Now this is in Blender 2.34 and I believe it was the same in 2.33. However, in earlier versions, the function might have been in a different menu option. What version of Blender are you using?


Sorry i’m a moron, i was doing the “spacebar > View” not the text / hover button in the corner there :smiley: