BL 3.2 hair tut?

following this tut here for BL 3.2

at around one minute in video

i don’t even get the first thing he does in video
after adding first hair i get some hair but it is with the rotation gizmo ?

why in rotation mode - not shown in video ?


thanks for feedback
happy bl

Hmmm…Well the first thing is with the object selected ADD an empty Hair, he then Moves that to a New Collection…with the “Curves” in the new collection selected you change to Sculpt mode (the only way to see hair tools I believe) and add hairs ( Top bar has a count for hairs to be added…)
The only way I get the gizmos you show was to enable them from the Gizmo Dropdown, and scroll out till my object was inside the gizmo… Is your cap very small?

what do you mean by cap ?
letter uppercase ?

happy bl