bl33d's - Sculpting experiments

Okay i got 3dConnexion Spacenavigator controller and it turned out to be fun with sculpting. Now in general i dont really like sculpting (no, its cool but seems to eat too much resources for the result). Anyway i decided to give another go at sculpting. I’ll post here first the first Sculpt i’ve made so far… and then the new one where i am now learning the sculpting really for first time. ->

edit: Or then not… I cant seem to find that alien-sculpt i made long time ago… Anyway… Here is the current one ->

The image “updates” now and then… and therefore… your comments will outdate :S Sorry. (yes i know that i could use some crappymatic imagehosting, but i prefer to use my own server and upload in there is far more easier)


updated new version.

and even more updated version.

Hey what do you know… I found the Original my first attempt at sculpting… Its on the first post the one at left.