Just thought I’d post my wc entry and see what everybody thinks. Its been a while since I’ve used blender(about half a year) and I’d forgotton how much I enjoy it. Anyway hope you guys like it, I had fun making it. Its great to have blended once again.

Now that is an expression! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work. Looks like you used particles for the hair on the tongue, (not sure why he has hair on his tongue though). Particles for hair don’t work too well IMO. But thay are a quick way to do it.

Good to see you back and Blending too Lived.


Compliments from BgDM. I’ve got a lot of respect for you and your work. Cheers.

Hair on the tounge… I wanted to make people feel queezy. And I couldn’t think of anything worse than kissing a hairy tounge.

Very expressive and good texture work, you have a good chance on having votes there.

Uuuuuuuaaaah! What an image - and I thought Doom3 would be nasty :P.

Good work. Welcome back, I remember your creepy nightmare character.

It absolutely makes me feel uneasy. :stuck_out_tongue: I figured the hairy tongue was a hangover style reference or something. Very good textures! How’d you do the drool? :wink:

Man, that looks nice! Well, not nice; it looks disgusting. But you know what I meant. More and shorter hair on its tongue may have looked better… But good luck!

I love your style of work. I have noticed in the past that it is very unique, and this recent work fits it.

I really like it…It makes me shudder…but I really like it.

My favorite part is him pulling skin from his eye…

/me shudders again.

I love a lot of the modelling in this one and it’s great for the theme.
Funny thing is - when I first looked at it it seemed to be modelled poorly and that was because I noticed the brows and the lips first and I think they both look wonky.

But then I took in the whole picture and noticed how well everything else was modelled - the hands, teeth, shoulders, eyes, nose etc…

It beats the shit out of my half-arsed character, but I still would rather see the lips and brows improved.


Cheers! Glad you guys think is disgusting; its completely what I was going for.

Caleb72, I was kind of slaping it together fairly quickly, so the modelling is a bit slap dash. However the unevenness was intended to exagerate his expression and give more character.

jts01, The drool is probably the simplest shader in the whole image. But if your interested here is the shader values. Because its raytraced you need an interesting environment to make it look good.