black and red?(problem)

alright so i wanted to make some type of rocket…(lol)and when i tried to scale it or rotate it random things happen…as u can see in the vid (link) …and also when i render it shows the finished scene…but a split second after it turns black pleaseeeee help…Thanks :slight_smile:

blender spartan

Well I have never seen that before, but my only guess would be the drivers on your machine. Go to the website of your graphics card manufacturer (probably nvidia or ATI) and get the latest drivers. Might try checking for any new CPU drivers and any new mobo Bios drivers while you’re at it. Then have fun installing them! I hate drivers…

lol…alright…its kinda weird tho cause i had just got a new nvidia e-geforce 8600 gts …about a month ago…?

Yeah, so you probably didn’t update your drivers did you. They release new drivers all the time.

There are others that have posted the same problem in the support forums. It has something to do with a 2D to 3D flip option in the Nvidia card. Apparently your can turn On/Off this option under Linux, but no one seems to no how to in Windows. Try googling with for Nvidia and Black screen. The problem effects more than just blender.

alright…well really short thread…but it fixed it!!! yay now my blender is normal again yay…thanks for all the help…alot! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: