Black and White 2

Hey i’m a newb to blender and all 3d programs in general and i was wondering if anyone out there knows how i would be able to import something from blender into the game Black and white two ? :slight_smile:

Is there a reason you want to import something extra into the game? Does the game have an importer for that kind of thing? If not, I’m sure that it would be possible but most likely not legal.

Actually, Lionhead Studios supports modding of the Black and White series. They’ve created several tools for it as well.

Thanks for the heads up. That’s what I meant by does the game have an importer for that kind of thing. Anyway I would have no idea how to do it

Sorry, I missed that part. I’m flu crazed right now.

I haven’t heard anything about a Blender importer or exporter for Black and White, but I know that there’s several other tools available. You should try checking their game studio forums, I’m sure they’ll know more than we do. :yes: