black and white dots around in rendered image

Hello Everyone.

I have this object with a uv-mapped image on it and when i render it out, it has strange black and white dots around it.

This use to happen to some of my other objects, but then under “Image Mapping” in the texture property tab i changed the extension to extend instead of repeat and that fixed for all of my objects… except this one.

I’ll send you some renders, before and after, so you can get a better idea.



as you can see it has stopped the black and white dots on the bricks but not the wheat.

then i was experimenting around and found that the black and white dots only happen when it has an alpha value

so, i have basically no idea what’s happening here, and really need this to stop happening, any help would be greatly appreciated.


In many cases, you’ll get these black and white dots because one you have nodes doing operations that lead to shading values being in a range that might be well above one or well below zero.

If you have any color-mix nodes or math nodes, try checking the clamp option in some of those nodes while doing a render in the 3D view and see if it gets rid of them. It’s worked for me a lot of the time.