Black and White Fun :)

Had to try a black and white image, just for… well, who knows?

Another product of my inability to spend more than 10 minutes on any one project. %|

What’cha think?

Cool. just a couple C&C’s. I think the tunnel end closest to the camera should go past the camera. To make it look like your inside the tunnel. And are the two stripes supposed to be rail tracks? If so there Much to flat.


Cyber, could you help me get started? I’m a total newbie who hasnt really done anything. Someone who was recently at that stage would probably help me more than all the experts in the world…

CyberAce looks at HOSJ sig.

Sorry man, don’t remember you… :-? :wink:

Mr Bomb threatend to blow up my PC if I didn’t take his sugestions, so I updated it. :wink:

HOSJ, send me a private message with some IM info and I will try to get in touch with you. :smiley:

I must have a bad memory :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s always good too make this quick modelling and rendering exercises in short times, so no critics froms me :wink:

The scene makes me remember of games like Jedi Knight or Half-life :smiley: