Black blocks when render subsurface scattering using cycles

I rendered a face model which is modeled in Maya.I rotated and rendered it with different angles.In some angles it generate some odd black blocks,even if I set a simple subsurface scattering material which just out put white color.When I rotated it with 0.01 degree offset again,I can get correct output.It just occurred with subsurface scattering material.

pic1 error output

If you’re using the new Random Walk SSS in the 2.8 builds, keep in mind to check the mesh for any geometry below the surface, as that could affect the result.

If not, then check the HDRI map for potential quality issues, or check the mesh itself to make sure there’s no faces that overlap, have zero area, or are degenerate.

thanks for your reply.I check the mesh,but I didn’t find error. I spit it,and it also rendered an error output。