black border when importing wmv video

So i rendered a video in blender, put in in after effects to cut it and put sound in and then i wanted to do some final compositing in blender again. But now blender shows a black border on the imported video. Can anyone tell me why this is and what i can do aginst it?

As you can see the problem is the video because the glare effect afterwards worked over the black border

What does the rest of the node system look like, you’ve hidden it !!

yeah to show the backdrop. these are just some nodes for a vignette and a glare effect

edit: new screenshot shows video in directly into viewer node and also the same vid on windows media player

Well you don’t actually show what the viewer node (that is the background image) is connected to.

Please do not assume what may or may not be important. It may not be but let the other users who may want to help you make that decision.

Is the video being imported from the Movie window ? Have you tried a file input node instead, unless you want to keep that a secret as well.

the viwer node right above the backdrop fits right into the movie clip node. maybe i updated my last post a bit too late and you didn’t see it. (

i can’t find a file input node. not even with the search function. but i also tried image input with the number of frames. resulted in the same problem

I’ve tried it with other videos and there was no black border. I’ve tried converting into another format: black border stays. I’ve opened it with after effects: no black border.
Seriously I have no idea what is causing the problem

edit: i uploaded the file i wanted to composit on youtube. Also no sign of a black border

Are you sure that the image that you are compositing with is the same size as the render layer? I use a scale node set to render size.

i’ve checked the size of the video, picture andrender layer about a thousand times. they are definitely the same.

thanks for the tip with the scale node. this is a nice workaround. I think i can tag this as solved