Black Boxes during Cycles Render!

I tried to find a similar thread but no luck
During viewport render black boxes would appear overlayed on the screen about 20 seconds in while sampling. sometimes they show and sometimes they don’t. i tried zooming in and out- no luck

I’m using Optix denoiser too

using 2.91 Blender

Do those boxes eventually get filled in with proper image, or do they remain when it’s done? If they remain, the renderer somehow couldn’t do those areas, or “forgot”. I’m not sure how that could come about within Blender if everything is working right. Anything weird in the scene or in the settings should lead to an error message, I would think. Possibly it’s bad RAM.

If you are using the GPU, then you should make sure your drivers are up to date. The reason is that Optix is a rapidly developing technology so older versions will probably give issues.

@darenw No they never get filled they remain black… these boxes aren’t natural lol
its been rendering normal for the past few weeks until yesterday. Ram is good… it’s fairly new- running on 64GB

@Ace_Dragon I’m running an RTX Card, you might be right about the updates, I think I’m due for one!
I’ll have to check that

looks like updating the GPU solved the issue, but now blender is running really slow using up 12 GB of Memory.
:man_facepalming: I just cant win with this

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