Black Cat WIP Update Page 3!

Hey, new little WIP of mine.

Had this character on my mind for the past couple of weeks.

Its gonna be a Evil chainsaw wielding black cat. who’s too cool for school.

Here’s a quick character sketch followed by a front shot and a side shot.

C+C welcome. :smiley:

I love the idea. The conceptual drawings look great. Not much to comment on yet for the modeling, but it seems to be following the sketches nicely.

Thanks mindblender. I have a very good idea of what I want.:smiley:

Here’s another few updated shots, alot more complete than before.

As usual C+C welcome. :smiley:

Man I sure gotta get down to practicing sketch-drawing. Excellent work! Hard to comment anything but the sketch so far, which was cool ^^

The sketch is cool, one thing though, the ears, push the inside ot the ears to one side, the are never purfect cups. I know it’s a cartoony char but still, just doesn’t look right. :wink:

Cheers MrMuscly, still got to do wiskers, teeth, eyes and find some good materials for shirt and pants.

Thanks Khnum, I’ll check in to the ears this afternoon, I’ll look at my cats ears and see where I can improve.

Did this little quick Chainsaw last night. I didn’t have any referance pics so I had to go from memory. I"ll have a look for some chainsaws later.

C+C Welcome.

I like the cat. The chainsaw needs the subsurf creased in a few places, to sharpen some of the edges.

Yes, I have decided the chainsaaw sucks, so I’m starting again with it.

I’ve also nearly finished with modelingof the cat, next will come textureing.

are those blendo’s arms? they look farmiliar.

I was wondering how long until someone noticed that the arms where from Blendo.

Yeah, they came close to what I wanted, so I thought I’d use them and modifiy them a bit.

Hope thats ok. If not I’ll get rid of them and try to make my own, but I suck majorly when it comes to hands, never been able to draw them or model them.

A little update with some color, added a tail, widend his arms a bit when it caomes to the wrists, eyelids, mouth, still gotto do the ears.

C+C welcome. :smiley:

Look very good so far!

The ears could be a bit pointier, but you’re not done with them, I take it. Also, I think I would try to slap a small, triangular nose on there. Nothing much, just a little, black “/”, so to speak.

Anyway, keep up the good work.

Hats off for the cat! Looks awesome! Keep at it.

OK, pointier ears, little nose, will do. :smiley:

Just a little fixing and I’m gonna move on to textures. I also just relized he needs some wiskers! Any sugestions, maybe particles or should I just model them?

This must be a throw back to itchy and scratchy :slight_smile:

Kudos on the quasi-obscure reference if that is in fact the case. Also nice work on the style of this character. You’ve established a consistent texturing and modeling approach that fits the subject quite well. Any chance of it being in an animation?

Desoto - Sorry, but no reference from itchy and scratchy, maybe subcontiously!

Update on the Chainsaw.

Remodeled it last night, also tried my hand at UV Mapping, first time.

C+C welcome. :smiley:

Nice chainsaw and texture. Perhaps the texture is a bit low-res, but that probably won’t matter unless you plan on shooting some close-ups.

I would consider adding a normal/specular map too. The same map might work, e ven. It would give the painted and unpainted parts different finishes, which I think would improve the look a bit.

i really do not like cats but this little guy well hes [email protected]&& good job man

vidarino - thanks I’ll try the Spec map idea. Also gonna retexture the chainsaw, make it a little bit more bloody. :smiley: :<

mathew_von - Cheers man, I’m glad you like him considering you don’t like cats.

And picture update will come soon, I’m just messing around with the revised armature and animation controls in the 2.40 CVS, ok.

I wonder if you could create a new material, assign vertices to it on the chainsaw, creating the chrome and black parts on the body and then overlay the whole thing with blood.

It might make the chainsaw stand out more as a chainsaw…


Hey there, been messing around with the new amarture animate system in the newest CVS build, and I must say it KICKS ASS! It is amazing, its fast, has a shit load of cool features and did I say it KICKS ASS. One of my faverate features is the “Rotate Range and Limit” to stop you bones from unwanted twisting and flipping.

Anyway, useing all this new cool stuff I now have a nice Armature setup, my charater is all rigged and working fine, he’s all textured as well. All that needs to be done is RVK’s for Face and those damn whiskers (particles maybe), lighting and a sceen.

I also put alot of blood on him and repainted the chainsaw with alot more blood, make him look real grisly.


Size: 600 KB