Black Core

An image i made for my band, nothing special. i played around a little with mist.

Comments and critics are most welcome!


I like the feel of the image,
and the text looks awesome.
You have to do some more
work on the half apple in the
front though.

Ok thank’s ^^

It’s a little bit a pain for me with the half apple cuz i’m not good att painting textures so that is just two different materials… it just can’t look seamless with two materials :stuck_out_tongue:

you seem to have a subsurf modifier on the apple, try creasing (Shift + e) the edge between the white and green areas

yeah i know, it’s supposed to be that way. i increased the subsurf level so it looks like someone has taken a bite and to blend the green material with the white, it’s a simple way the generate a bite i know but it works for me, but thank’s anyway.