black dirt on my poles

I dont know if this is the right forum to ask for help but i will do it anyway…

on the poles there is black “dirt”, i dont know how they got there (i didnt do anything.)
Anyway how do i get them away from the poles


select all verts and press “Ctrl-N”

its not working…

maybe you have more than one poles in the same place.
this causes render artifacts.
not sure this is your case…

I would say that it is causes simply because of the reflective/refractive nature of the texture.

Can you change or remove the texture and try to render again?

edit Texture = Material

Try this:

-select a pillar

-hit “center new” in the edit buttons

-go into edit mode and hit the spacebar

-select “remove doubles”

-hit control + N

If this doesn’t work, try disabling shadows and see if anything changes. If that doesn’t work, try posting a .blend file.

That shows up when two faces are directly on each other.

Remove doubles should work most of the time, wire mode can help you find overlapping faces (if the color is darker then what should be if it was a single face) Or you can select a face and pull it to see if there’s another face in the same spot.

You’re using Yafray, right? Even if you’re not, then, the problem might have something to do with quads being translated into tris, when it’s translating everything into Yafray, and sub-surf can make it worse. Try this:

Select the object in question, apply the subsurf modifier, then go to edit mode, then select all, then press Ctrl+T. See if that fixes your problem.

Hi, everybody.
I think I’ve found a cure for all those artifacts. I had recently the same problem with rendering, see images below.
Than I noticed that those artifacts appear in shading mode when switched to camera view. So I started messing with camera settings and I discovered that Clipping Start value is responsible for all that mess. The left image is rendered with clipping start = 0.01 (minimum) and the right one with clipping start = 1.00.