black dots problem

Hi when I am rendering thisw satelite from this angle, I get some strange black dots on the parabol, can anyone tell me how to get rid of them and why they appear?


Hi polarbear,

I suspect there are 2 identical objects on top of each other. Check the Outliner window and see if there are objects with similar names that when selected seem to be located at the same location. Either delete one or use the Outliner to turn off rendering for one of them.


Or it might be duplicate faces in the same object, in which case remove doubles might solve the problem. If neither Cog’s or my suggestion work, post some closeups of the wire frame of that part of the image.

here is a closeup of the parabel thing but I don’t think that it is dobblefaces that is the problem cause i just gets it for one angle as far as I know.


Do you have a bump map or some type of texture applied in that area? A blend file would help.

I had this problem once, it wasn’t duplicated face, or the entire object, I think it might be some renderer bug… It was in one picture, but when I changed the camera position, it was gone. This are black squares, when two faces are in objects are present it makes another artifacts.

what happens if you increase render resolution?

the dots are there anyway…I’ve tried bot pc, pal and ha resolution, but the dot’s still there.