Black edges around alpha (UV, Premul does nothing)

EDIT: I don’t know what I did, but I solved it. Sorry to anyone who was looking for the answer.

If you view the image in large mode (or whatever) you’ll notice black lines around the bottom and left of Steve’s head. I have tried to activate and deactivate premultiply in alpha as suggested on many forums for users with similar problems, and it hasn’t helped. In my quest for making the headgear actually transparent I may have messed up some setting, but I don’t know what it could be… And yes I want the headgear there because I want this rig to be compatible with all skins.
Here’s the blend:
Minecraft.blend (565 KB)
I really thought I had this solved when I got transparency working…

Pack the texture(s) in the .blend and upload again.

  • file -> external data -> pack into blend to pack all external files, or
  • uv/image editor, image menu -> pack image to pack single images, or
  • push the pack button in front of filename field to pack that image in

Right…sorry about that…
Here’s the new blend:
Minecraft.blend (566 KB)
And thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

The problem is that you have mapped the head texture on the inside surface of the cube and the outer surface UVs are near the opaque parts of the texture.

You could move those UVs so that they are clearly on the transparent parts of the texture, or move them out of the UV area and set the extension to “clip” (setting marked with an arrow in the screenshot). That way those parts are left out.

The head textures are meant to be on the inner cube (In my vertex groups I’ve called it skull).
Notice in this image: the headphones “pop out” from the rest of the head. I need to uv map the outside cube so that you can import any skin, and some skins have a “hat area” (
the way I’ve mapped it, I assumed the outside cube would be transparent. that way people can import their own skin and the outer cube would receive the texture. Is there a way to keep the UV from “borrowing” nearby textures? Because it seems like those edges are taking the color from pixels near them in the UV map.
Thanks for your reply though :slight_smile: