black face?

(stephen2002) #1

I seem to have a face that is not reciving the proper lighting. It is not a problem with the normals, and there is a lamp pointing right at that area, so it should not be black. I have done a test render of the other side of the sink and it is not black, yet it has the same lighting conditions.

It is not black in OpenGL:

Any idea as to what I can do about it? That is basically the only thing wrong with my environment!

(S68) #2


you must admit that the whole wall is quite dark there, while in the OpenGL image it is quit lit…

There must be something in the light you used, a texture on the light? Don’t know, but I think image is good this way, with the dark face…


(VelikM) #3

Did you click ‘OnlyShadow’ for that face/material, maybe by accident? In the materials window, the bottom of the Tracable, Shadow, Shadeless buttons group.

(Rob) #4

So why is that door handle up side down?

What happens if you sep the plane that is dark from the rest of the sink. You should be able to get that to work. Then re-join the mesh and see what happens.