Black Fairy (much to do...)

Well, there’s still much to do, but I think it is good, so far. I will post the reference image later, it’s a simple hand drawn graphic for arts lesson in school.

C&C are appreciated! :slight_smile:

Wow. Really eerie looking. How do you get that nice, soft glow? Should there be that sharp of an edge around the chest area? What I mean is…should the chest be a little more rounded off?

very nice start,i like the character,the material on the mask looks good too,but the stone on his neck maybe needs some work.

cheers leon.

Wow, thats really interesting. How did you get the folds in the cloth?

I like the brushed steel faceplate. Some cool stuff going on here, I look forward to seeing how you develop this.

Good luck, and keep us updated.

holy jeebus !

looks spiffy dude…hope to see some more from this…love the folds :]

if predator, alien and terminator mixes up for a black fairy, well then it matches the subject :smiley:



mindblender : That “nice, soft glow” was made in Blender’s sequence editor. I think there are some tutorials covering that part, you should check them out. :wink: Yes, the chest should be more rounded off, I will fix that. I know there’s much to do, but I wanted to show it! %|

–=leon=-- : Thank you, it is indeed a start, in a very early stage. I think the stone looks weird because of the viewing angle. But yes, it needs some more work.

Artistotle : Hey, I saw your Cell-shaded Gundam, it is very nicely done! I like the shading and the details! :wink: Well, I just simply modelled the folds, nothing special. I want to keep you updated, but unfortunately I don’t have much time, only on weekends.

nehpets : Thx! Your bot looks very interesting! What’s up with the Organics Shader WORKSHOP? I haven’t seen new posts there…

Thanks everyone for the comments! I hope I can update it very soon.

cool image! i would possibly turn up the hardness on the specularity a bit on the mask.

Hello there!

As I promised, here is the reference image, drawn by me:
(1024x1024 image)

I would like to continue this project, so expect updates in some time.

That is Cool!