Black flares

I’m having a problem with flares (blender 2.30).

An ordinairy flare without any extra settings looks like this:

But a flare with lines in it or with circles or whatever else that’s possible using the flare settings panel (-> material settings) renders the flares incorrectly:

Is it something I forget to do (some extra setting?)?
Is this normal behaviour?
Is it a bug in Blender 2.30?
(do other people have this issue in their 2.30 Blender?)

btw. The flares in these screenshots were rendered using the blend background from the world settings panel (but it happens with all kinds of backgrounds).

that looks $hitty. i realy wanna help you, but i dont have blender at school, as soon as i get home, ill boot it up

If you are using the Unified Renderer that is an old Bug, and I’ve been told that it has been fixed today :stuck_out_tongue:

If that is NOT the Unified renderer you have discovered a new bug! Congratulations.


It’s using the unified renderer.

Tnx :slight_smile:

For the benefit of newbies reading this in the future those are halos and not flares.


Uck… yes, you’re right… dunno what made me call them flares instead :slight_smile:

Slap me and call me Betty.