Black Flickering

Hello. I am new to Blender and I am having some issues when I render my animation.

I have been following a youtube tutorial on how to make the ‘fox fanfare’ intro. Everytime I render the animation, I get a ‘black flicker’ on a certain letter (it is always the letter ‘T’).

The problem is always on different frames whenever I render and is not consistant. I have even tried starting from scratch, but it still flickers.

I have inserted frames 89, 91 and 94 below. If you have a look a the letter T in the word ‘Productions’ it has a black mark on every frame (except for frame 91)

Any ideas why this is happening???


Hey, Tony… check your mesh for duplicate faces… two faces in the same spot will do this. Also, in edit mode, select all your mesh and then “Remove Doubles”. That should help. One more thing you can check is to make sure all of your normals are going in the correct direction by selecting all faces and then pressing the recalculate normals button.

Give those a try and see what happens.


Thanks for your reply. I am a complete nembie to blender and I honestly didn’t have a clue what you just said. I played around for about half an hour to do all the things you said, but I just got lost. Sorry :o

The tutorial that I am following has given me the blender file, I just have to change the text and then render. Is there something that I might have touched/changed that is giving me this flicker?? I have gone through the tutorial a few times and I am still getting the black flickering. However, each time I redo the tutorial, the flickering is happening on different frames. (but funnily enough, it is always on the same letter ‘T’)

If anyone is interested, I fixed the problem :eyebrowlift:

I was having the problem with the Blender Version 2.58 64bit. I uninstalled this and went with an older version of Blender (2.49). Problem fixed :smiley: