Black Fowl- Pre-alpha Testing -

The First Testing version of Black Fowl is up for download:



Note: Pre-alpha means the game has bugs and is missing many sounds, dialogue, and tooltips.


WASD = movement

Double tap (W or A or S or D)= Roll

Space = Jump

Mouse = camera

Q = Inventory

E = Eat turnip (restore health)

Left click = attack/pick up/interact

Right click = block (hold down)

This is a Demo- it includes retrieving a magical sword from outside town. Enjoy and leave feedback please!

More details at:

I will give it a go and post some feedback, the screen shots look great.

It took a while to download, and when it did, some parts seem to be corrupt.
It looks really good, I saw the menu scene where he’s sitting on a snowy rock, but after that it crashes for me. I’ll try downloading again later.

Do you have to bundle all of Blender in there? I thought it’s only nececarry to include the DLLs and python for the stand alone player to work.

An alternative is to use the blender player directly, but still only need the DLLs and python as far as I know, not the whole of Blender.

Alright, I played it through the boss and I have some comments:

  • You can get rid of BlackFowl.blend1, blender.exe, blender.exe.manifest, and blenderplayer.exe to save yourself 141MB
  • One of the people walking around town was walking around upside down. [Image]
  • The boss stopped attacking or following me after a little bit into the combat; he just stood there. [Image]
  • My system was using up between 512 and 768MB of vram (usually around 600~700MB), which means that you probably need at least 768MB of vram to run your game as it is. Without the game running, I’m sitting at 160MB.
  • The intro scene ran at about 11fps for me, most places in game were 30~60fps. A few times I dipped below 30fps, but now I can’t think where those were.
  • During the ending cutscene, I could press the attack button and still hear the swinging sounds.
  • It would have been nice to keep the objective arrow thing once you got outside of the town. Without much detail, yet, in the environment, it was fairly easy to get flipped around.
  • The voices seemed a little quiet.
  • The options don’t seem to do much (and I was ready to use my controller too :frowning: ). Pressing on “Keyboard and Mouse” actually caused the game to exit.
  • Overall, the controls felt alright; some sort of locking mechanism might have helped for the larger packs of monsters though.
  • I liked the graphics for the turnips (good way to add a bit of juice).
  • It was nice to see a BGE game with cutscenes. :slight_smile:
  • I don’t know what your plans for this thing are, but it would be pretty creepy if it came to life after you passed by it (i.e., when it’s behind you).

Edit: I forgot to mention my specs:
OS: Windows 7 64bit
CPU: Intel Core i7 (Q740, 1.73GHz)
GPU: NVIDIA GT 425M (1GB of vram)
RAM: 8GB of DDR3 1333

It plays quite well on my system once I got the download right (I’ve got a good computer but terrible internet connection right now).

I thought the models and textures were really good, I liked the 3rd person view better than the first person view. I think the health bar graphic doesn’t really mesh with the rest of the project, You’d be better off using the basic model of the helmet and a physical object, perhaps a cylinder for the health bar, that would keep with the same style seen in the rest of the game.

The cut scenes were great, and the facial animation well done.

I spotted the upsaide down guy, and also noticed that if you return to town right away after leaving the first time (without doing any of the quest), you can’t leave again. I did this by accident because I didn’t know where to go once I got outside (I walked up to the sign post and suddenlyI’m back in town).

It’s going really well so far, I look forward to seeing more progress.

Thumbs Up!
What stands out in this game is the cinematics. Really great addition to the game atmosphere.

I liked the 3rd person view better than the first person view.

On contrary ,I liked the first person more. It’s what’s grabs me in and make me finish the level.
The first scene in the house, where you are searching for a different objects is great. I think this is what you should stick with. You are obviously good at making, that kind of scenes.
Other than that…the camera movement and positioning in the 3th person view is not well made, no camera collisions, fast and unpredictable for me.
Tons of work awaits you for polishing the battle system.
Environment…there is none one. :slight_smile:
I’m not trying to offend you, your game have a great potential, just take the time to make everything right and beautiful, don’t rаsh things.

Looking forward for more progress!

P.S. Great menu scene…make animations for the character…add some medieval ragged flags waving in the wind.

30-60 fps, menu scene 15 fps

OS: Windows 7 64bit
CPU: Intel Core i3 (2.3GHz)
GPU: NVIDIA GT 550Ti (1GB of vram)
RAM: 8GB of DDR3 1333

As Muguri said get rid of BlackFowl.blend1 in the archive.

Thanks guys, I REALLY appreciated all the feedback and list of bugs. I am very hard at work to correct as much as I can, and compliments from people who understand 3d applications really carries a bunch of weight!

To answer to some confusion and problems:

-There used to be a PS3 setting, but the PS3 mechanics have not been updated and are unlikely to for quite some time :frowning:

  • ^Therefore the menu screen was outdated and will no longer include options, sorry!
    -I do have some objective arrow mechanics setup for the winding path area and will make them visible again
    -As far as the lion statue, I was starting to add different statues around to help with orientation and not getting lost, as well as physical signs. I only have two so far so it does seem quite random thus far.
    -Yeah as soon as I switched from blender 2.62 to 2.63a all the path tracking characters have gone haywire, flipping upside down or running in crazy directions… I am looking into the problem at the moment.
    -The goal for the game is for a total gameplay of 2+ hours, needless to say there is much work to be done, but most characters have been made with many animations as well.

And what to look forward to:

The combat system is definitely rough in a number of areas, but coming soon is Mounted Combat that allows you to mount and dismount your Bull companion (which gets explained in story) whenever you want

A slightly outdated screen capture of Bull-riding

Oh and 3rd person vs. 1st person:

The way I hope to have the game play out involves a wide variety of scenarios that call for different perspectives. At this point, I’m not letting the player choose, in some situations you’ll have puzzle challenges (more complex than the opening scene) where you must escape getting eaten while tied up or taunting guardsmen at a castle into lowering the drawbridge for attack. All puzzle challenges will not necessarily be in 1st or 3rd person, but due to camera complications- 1st person seems best for indoors.

Looks pretty cool, so well done. Does it require GLSL? (I get 2fps on the default blender scene with sun shadows - so it’s a bit important!). A video would be really great too, keep it up. :slight_smile:

The screenshots looks great. I’m downloading it as i write :slight_smile: Will give feedback after I play and finish the game.

I fixed the menu screen today! The framerate never drops below 60 for me now, it was between 20-30 for me before although your computers came out at 15ish apparently.

Not only did I fix the framerate, but in doing so was able to increase the amount of snow by over 300%



This looks really cool. I really like your character design.

Keep it up. I just downloaded it and it looks very professional. And it wouldn’t hurt to add camera collision.

I’ve been struggling with the ‘camera collision’ feature. Does anyone know of a good blender tutorial/way to try to fix this so the camera doesn’t fly through buildings?

I’m not sure but I think that you have to put a invisible box around the camera(the box as a sensor) and you need to put this logic brick
Box collision with building -and -message to camera: collision with building
Camera-message collision with building -and - constrain location
i’m not really sure if it works

This is the easy way.

So I went back and took a serious consideration on my environment and then checked out the test build of blender 2.64 with sun shadows!

Still adding a ton more building type detail, but I will be shrinking the environment as well

I’ve been experimenting with redoing the environment, especially in the first town level of the game, so I’m working with a shore line and some pretty looking water normals

Great work so far. I played part of the alpha, the game crashed on me so I couldn’t finish it. I’m always happy to see Blender games that have working controls… those are hard to find you know.

Loved the cinematics. Voices could use some work. I was experiencing an old bug from an older Blender version where all the sound would be coming from the left channel so I’m assuming the .exe was from an older Blender version.

I’ve been doing a huge revamp of the environment and characters, not only to improve the look of the scenes, but also improve performance.

The newest version of blender also supports dynamic SUN shadows which is really upping the look of the game

Enemy redesign as well as revamp. Because we need some mounted enemies if you’re going to be riding a Bull!