Black Friday - Save 15% on HDR Light Studio add-on

As the title says, save 15% on HDR Light Studio. Indie licenses available.
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HDR LIght Studio will change the way you light in Blender. We just added support for Octane and RenderMan too. So you can light with an interactive HDRI map and HDR Area Lights by clicking on the model to place the lights where needed - with Cycles, Eevee, Octane and RenderMan.

Rüdiger Lauktien, Digital Artist at, beta tested the new Blender Connection with Octane.

“Working in Blender with HDR Light Studio and Octane is highly addictive! I love the realism and speed of Octane render compared with Cycles. But the lighting process was time-consuming since Octane doesn’t support native lights. I needed to set up emissive meshes for Octane by hand.” Says Rüdiger. “With HDR Light Studio, it’s now a pleasure and super fast to create perfect lighting setups for my product shots. I can create and place Octane lights exactly where I need them and make my product renders shine.”

Sale ends today folks… in case you want to check this out.