Black Hole Sun (WC Entry)

Full size render:

This was my entry to the weekend challenge Astronomy. The concept and title are an homage to a good song, also called Black Hole Sun. When researching black holes, I came across this, which helped with image’s final look.

From Wikipedia

From the viewpoint of a distant observer, an object falling into a black hole appears to slow down, approaching but never quite reaching the event horizon: and it appears to become redder and dimmer, because of the extreme gravitational red shift caused by the gravity of the black hole. Eventually, the falling object becomes so dim that it can no longer be seen, at a point just before it reaches the event horizon. All of this is a consequence of time dilation: the object’s movement is one of the processes that appear to run slower and slower, and the time dilation effect is more significant than the acceleration due to gravity; the frequency of light from the object appears to decrease, making it look redder, because the light appears to complete fewer cycles per “tick” of the observer’s clock; lower-frequency light has less energy and therefore appears dimmer, as well as redder.

Wow dude. Freakin sexy render. Can i ask hwo you got the rays for the sun like that? er… is that the sun? lol

thanks for the comment. The rays were done with one halo point. I enabled both rings and star to have that radiant light.

me likey.

except the earth doesnt quite fit in. idk what it is weather its a lower res texture or what but it doesnt quite match the sun/asteroids.