Black Holes - Birth and Death of Stars (Sci-fi)

A fictional funny hypothesis about how the galaxies could be formed and what is a black hole made of.

There’s no proof of nothing of this and is highly unlikely (to not say ridiculous) that this would actually work like this. I’m perfectly aware that it doesn’t respect much of the laws of physics. Please consider it a wacky dream converted to images.

Anyway, to make it simple, this was based on the idea that, what if, Stars, planets, satellites, etc aren’t sucked into the black holes but expelled (born) from it. In that case a galaxy would expand permanently and would be the size of the older stars still alive.

This ultimately would meant that, Stars would be like seeds of a black hole and every time a star would travel far enough from the mother black hole, getting older and eventually dying, a child black hole would born… thus creating a stellar circle of life.

That’s quite a cool animation. I really like what you did with the particles.

In fact, the way Black Holes seem to work isn’t so far from your ideas as you might think.
As far as we can tell, not everything sucked into a black hole is “gone for good.” Black holes blast enormous jets of x-ray and gamma ray radiation out of their north and south poles. These intense jets can stretch for many lightyears, depending on the size of the hole and how much matter and energy are being sucked into it.
No one knows what happens to the rest of the stuff that is sucked into a black hole, and we may never know. I think there’s plenty of room to get mystical about that.

Your animation was beautiful.

Very nice animation I really enjoyed it :yes:

That’s not quite right. The jets you’re talking about aren’t emited from the black hole itself but from the the fast rotating accretion disk surrounding the black hole. Anyway, this is not a physics forum :smiley:

The animation is nice…

Hey! Thanks everyone!

:slight_smile: Thanks! Blender actually did most of them, I mostly just made them chine in the compositor.

There’s so much new discoveries happening nowadays in physics, like the “Lucky Luke neutrino”
That nothing is sure anymore, in fact nothing is, we just had this illusion since Einstein :smiley: so I thought this was the perfect time to play with it. Thanks, I’m glad you liked it!


:stuck_out_tongue: Or so it seams by the observations and data collected so far… but there’s a chance this is all “mirrors tricks” and what we see isn’t accurate enough so we can comprehend what is actually happening. I’ll try to never say a thing is this or other way, because only is as far our perception and comprehension goes :evilgrin:
For my cat (it’s a dumb cat), the ultimate truth is that all food he needs comes (magically appears) from my hands. We (species) probably are as dumb regarding the universe.