Black Holes in Yafray render?

When I tried to render a subsurfed mesh (simple material) with yafray via blender, there appear small groups of (and some single) black pixels in the result. I appended a rendered image. Mind the bigger balck point on the left. That’s strange. I had that problem before and can’t determine why?
Did anyone have that problem, too?

How can I get rid of those errors?


I’m not sure about YafRay but with Blender Internal that’s usually caused by flipped normals.

Are the black dots always in the same spots on the rendered image? If so, maybe some of the normals are flipped like RamboBaby said… or maybe you’ve got some weird polys in there messing things up.

You can automatically set normals by hitting Ctrl + N. (Just in case ya’ didn’t know!)

Yeah, I bet it’s normals.

In other words: “the plane is ‘facing the other way.’” “It’s got its back to you.” And planes, generally speaking, have only one visible “face” unless you say otherwise.