Black house spider

I was wondering are small Black house spiders venomous? as 2 nights ago i steped on a small black house spider barefoot, it did sting a lot, i do feel weak.

need to ask a doctor and see one ASAP man!

depends on the area. black widows are small black spiders but arent all around, thank god.

brown recluse is the resident terror in my area.

Hi Bowling,

I’d suggest try getting a picture of one on your phone and seeing a doctor if you have concerns. Black widows have a distinct marking on their backs.

Take care and stay safe

Dont worry there were no markings, also it was only tiny, i might have a pieceful death. :ghost:

Nobody dies from a spider. That’s a meme and there are only like 20 cases in the U.S. in the last hundred years where it can’t be entirely ruled out though basically just because of poor medical records. Stop worrying, this is nothing.