Black Knight (reload)

Black Knight (or Dark Knight), the mightiest of all knight.
Their armor are used to be sliver but got burn to brown color…
the engraving on the armor seem hard to see, more close up later


Okay, this time with some form of pose


Firstly, I love modeling on this. And the textures are great.

I think it could be a bit wider. He looks very narrow.

That would be how I would suggest an improved version.

Great beginning here though.

Okay, I redone the armor a little wider
I been working on this image for about a week already, does this really still look like in a beginning stage :spin:?

I think it looks really good, and I could see calling it finished. imho the arms need more definition and the lower torso/waist needs to be wider. Right now it looks like he would wear an XL shirt and 24/35 jeans… Try getting it to more like 30/35 if that makes sense…

I will put this here: the sliver/rusted knight

I think the problem is the head, i don’t think anyone can wear it :-?
Btw, nice armor form :yes:

^yea…I notice that too, even in the original concept art the helmet is that small.
Might have something to do with the fact that the lore tells that those are just armor, the people inside had already burn to ashes and now just their soul make the armor walk and fight.

Naah, I think the proportions are perfect! I really like your stylized knight!
Personally I liked your original version the most.

The new texture with rust looks odd to me, mainly because the rust seems weirdly scattered.

May I ask if your knight is part of a bigger project?

I might put him in a scene late on, but this project is to test my limit, since I can’t make him before (about a year ago, maybe?) I want to try it again and see if I can do it this time after all this time of training (and it succeeded!)