Black line on the right hand side video editor


Problem: When I put together a couple of videos made from blender which are all the same size (450x250) and put them in the video editor I get this 2-3 wide black line along the Y axis on the right hand side. it is extremly disturbing and I think it scales the video to get that black line in there so the video get some odd pixel-ish squares somewhere because it’s scaled down by about 1% (cause of the black line)

Solution: Tell me how to get rid of the stupid black line! :<

How the problem came up: I opened up blender, it was a fresh start, I went to video editor, hit left shift & A, added video, hit left shift & A again and added another video, I put them next to eachother. I see a black line on right hand side. I am not sure if it was there when I added the first video BUT however, both of the videos were made from blender with same size, 450x250. :frowning: me no understand ;(