black lines around premul figure?

Does anyone know how I can clean this up in Blender. The statue is rendered with regular premul,rgba,png. I’m getting black lines around the statue. Is there anyway of fixing this? The second image I used photoshop to erase the edges.The lines give the game away too easily.

Cheers in advance


Anyone got any suggestions?

If you are compositing in Blender than you shouldn’t have any black lines.
If you are compositing in photoshop I assume you have found the layer matting options, just run a batch process on your frames.

When premultiplying alpha, you will always have black or white lines, if that is what your background image is, black or white.

If you are compositing in blender and still having the problem, turn off premul and use FSA.

Most compositors have their own ways of fixing this, describe your process and software and I can help more.

Maybe you can find some ideas in this thread:

@ 3dementia. Thanks for getting back to me. I’ll be compositing in AE as its easier to use IMO. I would have maybe used a choke matte but would prefer clean images. Tried FSA with PS but still have the black lines.

I did append the Border clean file and it seems to be doing the job perfect. First image is normal render and the second with the node:

Happy days